Es Trenc White sand and crystalline water

The beach of Es Trenc is 6.5 kilometers from Colonia de Sant Jordi away. Its name (in old spanish “gully or ravine”) refers to the opening of the salines which breaks the dune barrier. Otherwise the tradition believes in a tsunami in the XVIII century as the reason for this geography, result of a earthquake in Lisboa.

This beach is the last big sandy undeveloped and unspoilt area on the island. Together with the Salobrar de Campos, an area of about ​​1,492 hectares, of course a protected zone, is one of the most visited virgin locations in the summer time.Es Trenc has white fine sand, gentle slope, a dune system which separates the beach from the saline area and the farmland, a wetland where more than 171 species of migratory and sedentary birds lives in. Nudism on the slope is also something that you will see.

Its open southern waters are transparent and the sea bottom is composed of sand, seaweed and some small areas with rocks at a depth of four meters. So, please, sailors, we recommend to stay away from the beach because of a slab of half a meter, impossible to see on bad weather days. The most suitable place for anchoring is the old pier in the vicinity of s’Illa Gavina (the largest islet in the township of Campos, which preserves a prehistoric cave, also used by smugglers. From Punta de sa Barraca Cenra), you can walk till the cave. The best option for those days when the wind blows from west, is the Platja d’es Coto. The nearest port with all facilities is the Port of Colonia de Sant Jordi.

Access by car is easy, although the public parking is tariffed (seven euros per day).