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One of the most interesting activities in this area is a tour of the area known as Es Salobrar. It is made up of a series of artificial lakes used to extract salt and linked to the sea by a water channel running from Es Trenc beach. Although most of the water comes from the sea, it also receives supplies from several streams such as Son Catar and Son Xoroc.

Es Salobrar is Majorca’s second largest marshland and is home to numerous species of migratory birds.






Over the centuries, the coastal salt marshes have been exploited by the various civilisations that have settled in the Mediterranean basin. From the times of the Phoenicians and up until the present day, the marshlands and salt marshes have been used to obtain a delicate crystal of immense economic significance: salt.

The Salines de Campos salt marshes, situated in the south-east of the island, cover almost 150 hectares, making them the largest on Majorca and offering visitors the chance to tour the area and learn at first-hand about the salt production process. A guided tour lasting almost 75 minutes provides a detailed insight into the water circulation and evaporation systems, as well as the magnificent flora and fauna that can be admired in the area. A fascinating tourist, culture and nature tour that will reveal the secrets of one of the island’s most famous products: fleur de sel salt.



sant-joan-de-sa-font-santaSANT JOAN DE SA FONT SANTA THERMAL BATHS

Font Santa Hotel is a 5 star hotel situated in Campos, in the south of the island of Majorca. There, guests can enjoy all the sensations of wellness and pleasure of its Thermal Spa, which boasts the only natural thermal spring waters in the Balearic Islands. As the water flows up through the ground, it becomes rich in mineral elements that provide it with properties that are practically impossible to reproduce artificially. This wealth of minerals has positive effects on our bodies, which is why these waters have been considered to be of public utility since 1869.

The hotel and spa stand in an idyllic setting: the protected nature space of Es Salobrar de Campos and Es Trenc beach.